Amongst the various evils caused by loose monetary policy, one is speculation which further adds and contribute to inflation. Let us see how it happens.

Quantitative easing always causes prices to rise. Price rise encourages speculation and hoarding. Because you tend to buy it today when you know prices will go up tomorrow. What is happening today is that for a speculator, the risk of loosing is very low. Because he knows more money (demand) will be created by govt and as money (demand) will go up prices will go up always. Now if there is no money printing but sustained production, price rise will stop. As people will have to produce before they demand. A speculator in this situation is guaranteed to loose. When speculators will start loosing, the risk will become high and it will discourage people in the business of speculation.

Speculation contributes to price rise because the speculator knowing very well that prices have to rise as a result of quantitative easing, also starts hoarding. Thereby contributing to the momentum of the bubble.

I would like to quote a classic example recently given by Ron Paul in the republican presidential debate in US. “A dime of silver minted before 1960 can still buy the same gasoline today as it could buy in at that time”. What does it mean? It is not the price of commodity rising but the value of currency going down. We know that govt is printing and dumping the money in the economy. Money printing cost nothing but production of commodities is not that easy and cannot grow at the same rate as money printing. Availability of more money (demand) and less supplies are causing inflation.

Comments on: "Does speculation cause inflation?" (4)

  1. Why blame the so called speculator ? blame the government who prints notes or allows banks to create credit out of think air !
    The speculator is not speculating when he knows with a level of certainty …
    He takes advantage of the situation just like the govt which wants to keep people happy for votes.


    • Amitabh Pandey said:

      I agree completely that speculator is not the root cause but speculation enhances the inflationary effect. If the root cause i.e., money printing and debt, is resolved, speculation will not be possible.


      • call it speculation enhances the inflationary effect or call it him helping the commodity to find its correct market value, or call it reallignment of value of different commodities .. considering that currency is after all a commodity, without him the mkts would eventually freeze in any case.


      • Amitabh Pandey said:

        I don’t dispute what you are saying. But by holding stuff which you are not consuming you are helping in price rise. because the same goods even though exists will not be available to the needy. If you make a system where one can have a right only on the product of his / her labour then the situation will change. the economic disparity will vanish.


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