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Crackdown on Ramdev : Democracy Throttled

A good twiiter post for reflection: “Anna Hazare a RSS stooge; Baba #ramdev another face of RSS; Nice to hear RSS is behind every good & national interest activity” . the point is, does it make good issues any bad if “bad” people are supporting it? why govt did not give an ordinance when they agreed with the demands? what is so wrong in ordinance? whose money r u trying to protect? I am not a die hard Ramdev fan but the scoundrels like digvijay singh, lalu yadav will tell me now who is a thug…this is utterly outrageous.

5 kahs villages do not have a doctor, coz there is no english speaking school, resulting in people unable to take technical exams. Every money making business has become the prerogative of metro elites. so whats wrong in hindi / regional demands which would have made education reach common masses of the real India and brought the disadvantaged section at par for competition.

Service delivery guarantee act would have helped people for getting a timebound service from government.

Capital punishment demand does not mean that everyone without a judicial process and applied discreation would be sent to gallows. But finally maximum punishment of life imprisonment was something acceptable.

Whatever is the quantum of blackmoney, but in whose interest it will be used once it is brought back to India? What is government’s problem in passing ordinance? Do you think it was wise to believe government when they say they will make committe and do something based on its reports (which can later be toned down in action recommended)? I think it was simple Baba Ramdev could not be fooled to accept the soft murder of his protest? As I had said earlier that whoeever will emerge as a threat and will dare to speak will be hooted down by these corrupt politicians and their agent media.

My support to Ramdev is because I believe there are no black and whites but shades of gray. He may have problems and weeknesses but I can discriminate between Digvijay on the one side and Ramdev on the other side without making a mistake. My support to Ramdev will remain as long the issues he raises makes sense to me. But certainly I will not accept the congress and corruption with an excuse “that there is no alternative”

Ramdev’s arrest

Any one who will standup for systemic changes will face this consequence. he will be hooted, discredited, defamed and if that does not work, subdued by force.  Just because Anna Hazare was not seen the main threat and emerged as a surprise from nowhere, his character could not be tarnished enough. However, the campaign against him and others in IAC too started almost immediately once the threat was realised. He too will not be spared from a defamation campaign once he is seen such a threat.

There are allegations on Ramdev’s money but can the same microscopic scruitny he is subjected to be exercised over Gandhi family, their money and trusts, digvijay singh, congress, by these very same media channels? from where they get the money? the credibility of media is extremly low as they have a corporate vested interest to take care of. When the money donated by public for public purpose becomes an issue then where does the congress and corrupt politicos gets their money? Any public trust that is annually audited by govt will face similar doubts. These aspersions are casted in the mind of common man by a sustained propoganda campaign. His issues may not be pertinant to metro middle class but his issues are pertinant for 85% rural india. The strategy is simple, if ramdev and anti corruption movt weekens, IAC will not stand too (as the mass base divides), BJP and opposition is already having no credibility. The field will be open. In the end some lolipop compensation will be given to people followed by propoganda by the gobbels of congress ( main stream corporate media) and thats it. Nothing will change….but I am an optimist and believe a change for good will happen…it has to happen…there is no other way out as people are pushed to corner.

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