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Samba Spy Case: The murder of Justice

Samba spy case only emphasizes that how vulnerable we all are in the so called free and fair justice system. It is a sad commentary to the insensitivities of authorities and those who have been entrusted with the responsibilities of imparting justice and safeguarding the rights of citizens. It sends chilling sensation down my spine thinking that it just requires one to get tangled in any concocted case created out of malice, incompetency or vested interest and rest assured that victim spends his remaining life fighting to get out of it, not to speak of the lasting marks on his spirit and mind, of the injustice meted out to him. Despite of mounting evidences, what all the victims in this case are fighting for is, a fair and open trial and that too is denied to them in disguise of excuses citing national security. It is a shame that 2 prime-ministers and Senior and responsible officers of IBs including one who has held constitutional post of Governor couldn’t do much despite of being convinced about this gross miscarriage of justice.

The way Indian Army has handled this whole affair, it only highlights a deeper rot in the senior leadership of army. This is the instituion of army which is supposedly protecting us against our enemies. The young officers turns into morally weak leaders who fails to standup against wrong doers and learn new lessons of greed, corruption and cowardice from their seniors. The more one falls in line with the corrupt leadership the higher he goes up in the chain of command and no wonder we see Generals whose names gets associated with one or the other scams and who are more like ceremonial heads than real leaders.

A failure of this kind demands that a root cause analysis is done and every instance of failure should be recorded and thought about. Those who are responsible should be punished so severely that laws regain its due respect and perpetrators of crime shivers with the even thought of the consequences.

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